Google Applications



  • Getting Going with Google (1:24): make sure you're using the correct Google account (ie, work versus personal), find and arrange your apps

  • Sharing with Google: see the advantages that "sharing" files has over attaching them to emails, learn about different sharing settings, create links for files and photos to send and embed them



  • Getting Going with Gmail (2:51): pick an inbox view, use labels to organize emails, select a theme to customize your inbox's look

  • Next Steps with Gmail (2:20): activate the "Send and Archive" and "Undo Send" features, add your photo and signature, create a vacation responder

  • Doing More with Gmail: share files rather than attaching them, get and send work emails on another account


Google Drive


Google Docs

  • Getting Going with Docs: create and name a Doc, organize and share a doc, publish your Doc as a web page

  • Next Steps with Docs: give feedback on a Doc with Comments and Suggestions, see revision history


Google Calendar


Google Classroom


Google Maps

  • My Maps (formerly Maps Engine Lite) Introduction (2:08): see some of the features available for custom map creation

  • Getting Going with My Maps: make a custom map with points, lines, shapes; include videos, images, and links

  • Next Steps with My Maps: use a Form to collect information that includes a location, then import that information into a map


Google Forms

  • Getting Going with Forms: make a Form, send it out, view responses

  • Next Steps with Forms: Use a Form to create a quiz, then use the Flubaroo add-on to automatically grade the quiz and give feedback




Getting Going with Google:


  • make sure you're using the correct Google account (ie, work versus personal)

  • find and arrange your apps


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Getting Going with Gmail:


  • pick an inbox view

  • use labels to organize emails

  • select a theme to customize your inbox's look


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Next Steps with Gmail:


  • activate the Send and Archive feature

  • Unsend a career-limiting email

  • upload a profile photo

  • create an email signature

  • activate a vacation responder message


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Getting Going with Google Drive


  • navigate your Drive

  • create, color, and organize folders

  • upload files from your computer or emails


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Notability and Drive Workflow


  • distribute worksheets, articles, etc. to students

  • students can fill out, annotate, and submit their work

  • save paper and make it impossible to lose work


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Storing a Doc in Multiple Folders


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Add a calendar 


  • add a calendar your domain has created to your own Google calendar within that domain (animated gif)


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My Maps (formerly Maps Engine Lite) Intro


  • see some of My Maps' features

  • get a sense of how students might use My Maps for various projects


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