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Project 40

Project 40 asks you to:


  • Research several specific emerging technologies in their current state, such as nanotechnology, autonomous cars, 3-D printing, or displays


  • Research emerging technologies in a general topic, like medicine, transportation, or the military

You will do two kinds of writing based on your reasearch.


  • First, you will write a traditional research paper on the topic(s).


  • Second, you will write creatively, imagining how your chosen technologies may impact individuals, society, and the globe in 40 years. This creative portion could be a short story, the description of someone's afternoon, a real estate home tour, the home page of a business, or any other creative presentation of a scenario in 40 years. 



Ask yourself, "what might happen if this technology became much cheaper or smaller or ubiquitous or efficient?"



At least six reputable sources, including video and web pages. Sources like Nova, Discovery Channel, Scientific American, or the New Yorker are more reputable than blogs or web pages from unknown sources. 


Citations for all facts, quotations, and images. 


A research paper of at least 2.5 double-spaced Google Docs pages.


A creative paper of at least 2.5 double-spaced Google Docs pages.


A web page presenting the research, with embedded videos and linked articles and images.


One or more web pages presenting the creative paper, with linked images and embedded videos. 



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