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Job application materials

Here is an example of a blended learning writing assignment I created. My students watched and reviewed this TED talk at their own paces, then applied it to mythology and the Bible. 


Please see more job application materials here. Note: this page does not appear on the main site menu. 

Ancient and Modern: Mythology and the Bible meet TED


This was one of the questions on a Literature 9 final exam. 


Humanity: In Suzana Herculano-Houzel’s TED talk, “What is so special about the human brain?” she explains her research and theory about what makes us uniquely human. Listen to her talk, take notes on key elements of her argument, then write a 3-4 paragraph essay in which you relate Herculano-Houzel’s ideas to our discussions of Genesis and of the ancient Greeks’ account of Prometheus and the origins of humanity.  All three sources treat the idea of what makes humans special; explain similarities and/or differences you find.


Elements of grading rubric:


  • Central claim connecting 3 elements in thesis paragraph

  • Body / CEE paragraphs’ exploration of comparisons / contrasts

  • Sophistication of prose

  • Explanation / elaboration of ideas

  • Choice of evidence


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