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Job application materials

This page contains some examples of activities and assignments I have developed for teaching Homer's The Odyssey.


Please see more job application materials here. Note: this page does not appear on the main site menu. 

"Speaking While Female" by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. This article looks at women's agency and voice in the office environment. This is a great piece to read after learning about women in ancient Greece. Then, we can examine Penelope's entrance in book I. She has little official room to have voice and agency, both because of her gender and her role as host, and yet she manages to assert voice in lines 1.374-396 through her body language and by clever indirect speach. 

Rob Konrad talks about his miraculous swim. Some consider football players and other professional atheletes to be our modern day, larger-than-life heroes, equivalent to Achilles and others. 

Video of Rob Konrad after incident. This is the video from the police car that picked up Konrad. In it, he asks to call "home," which to him means his parents' house. The officer ends up speaking to his mother. Makes one think of Anticlea.  


"Stop Glorifying Football Players and Start Glorifying Soldiers" by Mark Edmundson. This article specifically mentions ancient Greek heroes. 


"A Day Made of Glass" vs. "Look Up"

connection, productivity, communication, seizing opportunity vs. isolation, hollowness, vacuousness, loss of opportunity


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